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Imagine yourself with a rich, purposeful life – one where you constantly feel energized and are ready to attack average every day. The best way to make it happen is by taking control of your health, which starts by making healthy eating a lifestyle. Now imagine a flexible eating approach with foods that taste fantastic, leaves you feeling full, and allows you to actually ENJOY life because you can cook all of your meals in only a couple hours a week. Awesome, right? With this foundation, say hello to a life where everything you do matters and makes an impact. By joining our community and newsletter, we’ll empower you to make this change.

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Our Ethos

Key Ingredients

By transforming our health, we transform our life. The food we eat, the fitness we pursue, the habits we develop – these are critical every minute of every day. Our purpose is empowering you to establish solid nutrition and fitness habits that vastly improves your health and ultimately your life.

We make this possible through simple meals that taste great and enjoyable fitness plans that increase strength and improve stamina. This is all while putting together the right mindset to continually attack average.

Unlike other life coaches, we start with the foundation that is your health. And unlike other personal trainers and nutritionists, we focus on balancing your health with your life. See the difference? We want your mind and body to grow together.

What the Hell is Attacking Average?

This is where you strive to kick ass in life and refuse to accept anything average. You dream big and relentlessly pursue them. You seek to conquer the challenges before you. You live with purpose, passion, and determination.

This is attacking average. This is how we live.